What birds are in YOUR garden?


My name is Sasha. I am 15 years old (13 when I started this blog) and love birds. I live in Surrey, BC, Canada but have also lived in New Zealand which is home to many native birds. I created this website so that anybody visiting BC (or just generally interested in the birds here) can name and identify all of the common birds and therefore be able to enjoy their walks a lot more. I know it is fairly easy to find a website or book with the appropriate information to identify birds but on my blog, I have added many personal experiences and notes that I have only heard or seen with my own eyes but never read.

When I was teaching myself the birds in my area, I found the field guides, “Birds of Southwest British Columbia”and “Compact Guide to British Columbia Birds” very handy. “Peterson Field Guide to Birds” is also great but it is bigger and more advanced so therefore better as the book you would use at home after your walk instead of the one to pack with your binoculars for the walk.

A good website to use is feederwatch. If you live in Canada or America, it is definitely worth joining feederwatch. Every winter, you count the birds in your garden. Through the data, they find out about bird migrations, feeding habits, etc. Just last year, they managed to find out how to predict when siskins will be common garden visitors as before that, siskins had randomly spiked in numbers every three or so years.

You should also get some binoculars or a camera with really good zoom. They can be extremely helpful for identifying far-away birds and spotting the tiny feature that tells one bird apart from another. Of course it feels like whenever I bring binoculars, there are no birds to be seen and when I do not, I spot a rare bird but even so, it is better to be safe than sorry!

After all of that, you are prepared to go out and explore! I do not know whether you are looking at this site before going out to be prepared or after to identify or find some facts about the unknown bird you just saw but either way, I hope you find what you are looking for. If not, feel free to leave a photo, description, or suggestion in the comments. Good luck in your birding!